The source of all life

It’s complex imagination that water is not easily accessible in many of pastoralist and rural areas of the same earth.

Yet safe drinking water is scarce in many developing countries. Because of this hardships, lives are wasted.
Too many times is lost collecting water. Educational opportunities for children are blocked for they went far for water , people are lost to illness when they can’t get water for daily use and when the accessible water are not clean enough.

Economic development priorities is lost while people fighting for water to survive. Livestock and other ultimately, lives are lost from disease. The true potential of Gods children should never be wasted like this- because there are solutions!

Tearsdry agency for better hope, we work with partners all across the world to address
the water crises. Your support can help us provide wells and water systems to impoverished communities. You can also help us fund critically needed latrines, hand-
washing facilities and community training in sanitation and hygiene.

With your help, we can provide clean water and sanitation to every community we work with (in), including the most vulnerable populations. This work is more important now than ever, since clean water is essential for hand washing and disinfection to prevent the spread of disease.

In many of pastoralist and rural areas in Tanzania, thousands of women and children travel great distance to collect water for domestic use from dirty riverbeds or unprotected hand-dug pits shared by cattle, dogs and wild animals. “Water is life”

International and our local Zambian partner, the We Tears dry agency for better hopes (TABEHO) are inviting donors, partners and other stake holders to raise their hand for them to help the provision of clean water and effective sanitation not only is this
program providing new water wells, trained village , sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) communities are responsible for the community employing effective
sanitation and hygiene practices.