Building a Better Future

Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.

The good house remained a good settlement and a home for the development of the family. A home is a foundation for the future and a source of better hope. And the need for shelter is pervasive, especially in rural developing countries. Housing condition among those who live in poverty are so pitiful that families typically reside in shacks built from scavenged materials – rusty tin sheets, scraps of lumber and discarded plastic tarps. Some of them are made by wood, mud and thatched by dry grasses which are not clean enough especial for children, old ones and sick people.

Such structures really don’t shelter the occupants from the elements at all. When it rains, the floors become mud pits and walls can become hosts to disease-ridden insects and vermin. However this make many children run from home and became street children in nearby towns.

But through TABEHO, you can joined us and become the agency for better hope through your donation and make them rejoice. Please step up and respond to this greet need for your blessing.

It takes only a few thousand dollars for cross international to sponsor the building of a simple, sturdy home for a family in need, dramatically improving their standard of living. The houses our ministry partners build are a permanent testimony to God’s provision and the Christ-like compassion of generous supporters like you.

In pastoralist community woman are the house builders to gather with girl’s families struggling to meet their most basic needs find it difficult to obtain suitable housing. TABEHO aim to restore their hope by offering a low and simple solution to vulnerable families who are desperate for safe, sturdy homes they can truly call their own.

Each house includes a solid foundations with two rooms, and covered front porch, a water proof roof/ corrugated iron sheets, sand -cement-block walls, a lockable door and windows. This will be is done for poorest widows, victims of gender violated women and during flood or disaster. However safe house, home or boarding house for little girls who escape the traditional violence during the school holding and after completing a certain academic level is necessary.