A Future with Hope


In developing countries around the world, orphanages, schools, boarding homes and feeding centers are committed to practicing this pure and selfless form of Christian care. Their individuals goals may differ,but all have the same basic objectives- to transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children, providing them a future with hope.

Tears dry agency for better hope (TABEHO have confidence that for children to thrive,they must have a stable background. That’s why we workwith dedicated ministry partnersin the world who are committed to caring for orphansand vulnerable chrsildren and young girls. The needis great. In some areasof the world, virtually an entire generation of parents hasbeen wiped out by the AIDS pandemic, leaving millions of childrento struggle themselves without caretakers or guidance.

By supportingthe childcare effort of our ministry partners thesekids will enjoy eating three meals per day tonourish their bodies, have safe places to sleepand receive door-opening educations.

They will also have access to professional counseling to restore their hope. This include cash for locally grown foods as well as transporting cost.Your efforts are meeting the immediate nutritional needs of thousands of vulnerable children and their families, while playing a vital role in our ministry partners’ efforts to nourish bodies, minds and souls.

Tears dry agency for better hope is looking for partners and donors all of the world to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of at-risk kids and equip them to thrive. Expenses add up quickly this pastoralist and rural communities must keep up with the demand for food, clothing, toiletries, farming supplies, medical and dental care, as well as school materials.