Let us reach out to the children. Let us do whatever we can to support their fight to rise above their pain and suffering.

Tears dry agency for better hopes is working with churches in Tanzania among Maasai pastoralist communities to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of at risk ( kids)children and vulnerable widows/ mothers to make them survival.
Maasasi and other local traditional communities faces several challenges, mostly brought on by the gender marginalized and masculinity behaviors based on their traditional cultures. Other challenges facing Masai have been associated with (are brought by) HIV pandemic, extreme poverty and global warming.

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Our Objective is to make a meaningful impact by helping vulnerable children and widows to reach their potential and better future hope through physical, mental and spiritual support.

Agency and caring for those in greatest need ??

Tears dry agency for better hopes are agency for needs in four faces

-Orphans and vulnerable children
-Children with disabilities
-Families and whole communities thrives
-Safe home for young girls running (grow flee) from pastoralist community’s family due to forced marriage, early marriage, early pregnant and social marginalized and other crises caused by the maasai cultures

As Tears dry agency, with community and other stakeholders, we establish and manage the projects that help children, families, widows and whole pastoralist communities strive for better life and hopes. Also we are dealing with environment and volunteer services .Our effort is also to restore hope to the hopeless communities.

Below are more about our impact.


The Fight to Cure Food shortage (hunger)/improve food production among the pastoralist communities.

Tears dry Agency for better future has been working hard with in and out country partners to protect families from hunger and to restore the health of those who are not getting enough food. Many families in pastoralism communities are facing difficulties without harvest due to insufficient rainfall caused by global warming, therefore both in families and school students are not getting daily meals.

Supporting them with food provide them relief for other family needs, such as medicine, house repairs and children’s education. Supporting them with food also opened doors for the nearby Church to get involved in the families by touching their sour with kindness, then families get settled and make ease for the role of Christ mission to proclaim the good news for the communities.

Your generosity in support food supply is more critical now than ever before. As families face greater Vulnerabilities and economic crises, food donors are helping to stave off widespread hunger and restore hope. Your gift are helping us send food supplies and fund nutritional costs for poverty relief projects.

Jesus cinema mission

Jesus cinema mission

Jesus cinema mission is a ministry aimed to proclaim the God News through Jesus Film in rural pastoralist communities. American Christians friends named Thelma, Joella and other friends are so committed to go in pastoralist communities day and night with rain or with drought for prayers and showing them Jesus film to build their hope.

Their connection to the land gives them an open door to serve, with the full support of the religious leaders, tribal chief and other local leaders.

Together with their mission they also help families to get food , rescue young girls who are escaping young girls forced marriage by sponsoring them to boarding school and
pay them to safe home