Tears dry agency dream future with hope (TABEHO) is like a Religion that God our father accept as pure and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress, James 1:27

In most of the third world countries; orphanages school, charity centers, boarding homes and centers for food provision are committed to practice this pure and selfless form of Christian care. Despite of priorities given by different owners of these agents, (but) all are maintaining the same basic objective; that is to become an agency for better hope to the world’s most vulnerable children and widows.

The founder of Tears dry Agency for better hopes believe that in order for children to survival, they must have stable and convenient environment. Due to this facts we work with dedicated ministry, organization, companies and individuals who are committed for orphans and vulnerable widows.
There is a great need of quick agency to overcome the effects caused by Aids pandemic, poverty, breaking of families, global worming etc. which are the main causes for millions of children to struggle/suffer.

By supporting the Tears dry agency for better hopes this children will enjoy better (mills) meals, safe and comfortable place to sleep/live and benefit good education for their future. They will also have access to well-trained moral and spiritual counselors as well as learning good news of God which will improve their spiritual growths and hence eliminate immoral practices within their communities

Lazaro Maphie (Rev)

Founder and CEO